Functional, Rustic pottery, made by hand with care

Produced with love by William Eggleston



I specialize in teapots, making three main styles: the traditional Globe, straight-sided inspired by percolator coffee pot, and inverted cones


Functional bowls from simple cereal bowls to large salad bowls


Any style; tumblers, coffee mugs to teacups

Teapots perfect for those cold and rainy days


These teapots are microwave and dishwasher safe.  Wonderful for a cup or two when the need arises.



Ready for soup, salad and any sweet treats that might fit.


Microwave and dishwasher safe bowls.  Grab a couple soup bowls or a few serving bowls to make dinner special.



Comfortable mugs for any beverage


Mugs for coffee or tea, tumblers for refreshing drinks, or steins to match your beer.



Great for iced tea, water, wine or sangria


These stoneware pitchers hold their coolness to keep what ever beverage you have cool and refreshing.